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The Top 3 Meditation And Mindfulness Apps of 2018

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I have tried a lot of different meditation apps: Guided meditations, self meditations, sleep meditations, breathing meditations, walking meditations, body awareness etc. so now you don't have to.

Here is my pick of the top 3 meditation and mindfulness apps you might want to choose from.

Headspace App

You either love it or you hate it. Personally I like how accessible he makes the language of meditation. Everyone thinks their mind is special or busier than everyone else's, but in reality we all find concentrated focus or meditation pretty challenging. He uses analogies like clouds in the sky or cars on the road to help you to understand the nature of your thoughts. I find the imagery really gives you something to anchor your mind. Particularly if you are a visual person. It's a great starter app and you get a free trial before you upgrade to the paid version, to see how you like it.

Where to find it: Look for the headspace app in the Google play store, iTunes or visit:


Free trial available 

Annual fee $12.50 (per month)

Monthly fee $19.99 (per month)


The Daily Calm -
This is my favourite app at the moment because the meditations are short, yet still provide some space to focus internally for a while. The teachings at the end are always insightful and brilliant. I guess the upside that they are short is sometimes a downside too, as sometimes I don't feel like the meditation was long enough. The good news is that you can meditate more frequently and there are a ton of other meditations and sleep stories along with the meditation of the day. Highly recommended. Not to mention Tamara Levitt's voice is probably much more soothing and calming .... and preferable to some males I am told. 


Where to find it: Look for the Calm App in iTunes, Google play or visit: 


Free trial available

Annual free $4.99 (per month)

Monthly free $12.99 (per month)

Lifetime Subscription: $299.99 (one off)


Deepak & Oprah's 30 Day Meditation Challenges -

These meditations are what got me started in meditation so I am very bias of my love toward them. Some are a little too lengthy for me to get through before work these days (30mins) but most are around the 20 minute mark. Deepak and Oprah are full of wisdom and guidance that can legitimately make anyone a better person if their advice is taken on board productively. The teachings take the first 5-10mins before you will be quickly transferred into your own personal practice. The music is calming and some days you will find it easier than others to settle into quiet. You aren't failing, it is just the nature of a meditation practice. Honestly, if anyone can teach meditation - it is Deepak Chopra. Even if you only listened to his teachings and the thought of the day, it would still provide plenty of value. 

Where to find it: 

Look for the Meditation Experience app in iTunes, Google play or visit:


They often run free 21 day meditation experiences that you can sign up for and he also provides some free meditations on youtube.

7 day meditations: from $19.99

21 day meditatiins from $49.99

Entire Anthology  $594.99


Happy meditating! Just like a workout, you'll never regret a meditation.



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